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Mental Health Liaison


I’m Mrs. Shryock, the Mental Health Liaison here at Pine Ridge.  I LOVE my job!  I have had the chance to meet many of our students - and I’m proud to call them my friends.  Most adults are the students’ boss - sometimes I have to be in that role too, but most of the time I get to be an adult friend who has time to listen, encourage, problem solve and help students learn new skills - or remember old ones!

Pine Ridge has chosen “The Zones of Regulation” as the tool to help students learn about emotional regulation.  If a student can identify what zone they are in (happy, sad, anxious, mad, etc.) then they will be able apply strategies to make better, safer choices. 

The goal is not to always be in the “green” zone.  The goal is to know what zone you are in, and how to do what it takes to be safe and successful while in that zone.

Ask your student to sing you the Zones’ song!!  (Then have fun getting it out of your head!!!)  Have a fantastic day - no matter what zone you are in! 

Below is a picture that will help you understand the Zones of Regulation.

Mental Health Liaisons are school-based professionals who will coordinate the individual school-based mental health programs.
Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, as a result of funding from a local referendum, every school in Lake County now has a dedicated Mental Health Liaison. The Mental Health Liaison provides site-based support and assistance to school communities regarding best practices in mental wellness, identifying students at-risk for mental health challenges, and appropriately referring students with high/severe needs.
Primary roles and responsibilities include:
  • Coordinating school-based mental health services across all tiers of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework
  • Providing direct services with students, such as individual and group counseling
  • Participating in problem solving meetings for students at-risk for mental health challenges
  • Collaborating with district and school-based mental health professionals in the problem solving process in regards to mental health/wellness
  • Working with Lifestream and other community agencies to provide wraparound services to students when a higher level of care is needed
Professional Development
  • Providing school level professional development regarding mental wellness and  interventions
Crisis Intervention
  • Coordinating crisis intervention and prevention for the school community
Parent and Community Awareness
  • Building bridges with families and community agencies to build relationships and make connections to resources
  • Providing outreach to parents and community members regarding mental wellness and protective factors
Program Development
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring school procedures, in coordination with school-based leadership, to ensure compliance with district Mental Health Plan
  • Gathering data to help identify students in need of help and ensure program effectiveness


Mental Health Liaison

Donna Shryock


Everyone experiences trauma, drama, and stress.  Below you will find a link to the Lake County Schools Mental Health Portal.  It has a TON of information and resources from community help to grief and loss information.