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Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

2016-2017 Silver Model School

2017-2018 Gold Model School

2018-2019 Silver Model School

2020-2021 Model School Resilience Award

Pine Ridge is a Positive Behavior Support School! PBS is a program supported by Lake County Schools and the University of South Florida to promote and maximize academic achievement and behavioral expectations.  So what exactly is PBS?  It is a school-wide program for helping all students achieve important learning and social goals.  We know that when good behavior and teaching come together, our students at Pine Ridge will excel.  Pine Ridge is proud to be a PBS school!

As part of the PBS program, we have established 4 clear school-wide expectations for the behavior we expect in all areas of our school.  We call these our BEAR Expectations:

Be Prepared   Eager to Learn   Accept Responsibility   Respect Everyone

Our school-wide expectations provide for a safer school environment, give more time for instruction and provide common language for everyone.  We explicitly teach those expectations to the students and reward them with Bear Bucks for their above and beyond behavior.  The expectations for all student behavior is clear throughout our campus.  So ask your student "What are the BEAR Expectations?"  "How do you earn a Bear Buck?"

Pine Ridge believes that in helping students practice good behavior, we will build a school community where all students have a positive environment where they can succeed and grow.

School-Wide Color System

 At Pine Ridge, we believe it is important to have consistency in our classrooms.  We have developed a school-wide, classroom behavior color system. The color system is a visual system that allows both students and parents to monitor their behavior no matter what grade level.

Blue: Above and Beyond Day (extraordinary behavior or character that is not prompted by the teacher or self-reported).  This is when a student receives a BEAR Buck. 

Green: Great Day! Student followed the classroom and BEAR Expectations which are expected behaviors.

Yellow: Warning-student did not meet one or more of the classroom or BEAR Expectations

Red: Stop and Think! Student continued to exhibit unacceptable behavior

PBS Leadership Team

Mrs. Sarah Porcher, PBS Coach
Ms. Natasha Burns, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Eli Comstock, ESE Clerk
Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
2nd Grade Teacher
3rd grade teacher
4th Grade Teacher
5th Grade Teacher
Enrichment Teacher
ESE Teacher

Above and Beyond Behaviors

What is an Above and Beyond behavior?  These are behaviors that students do to show extraordinary behavior and character that are not prompted by the teacher or self-reported.  Below are some examples of things students at Pine Ridge have earned BEAR Bucks for:

*picking up trash

*holding the door open for someone

*helping another student or teacher pick up something they dropped

*helping another student tie their shoe

*welcoming a new student to your class

*taking the initiative to clean up when you're not asked to

*sharing without being asked

*Class DOJO winner

*using words to console someone when they're upset

*letting someone borrow something

*always following the expectations and always staying on green (setting the example)

*encouraging a classmate

*giving someone money at the book fair when they were short

*helping a younger student who may be lost or need help

*complimenting another student